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Increase Your Self Motivation

Learn How To Be A Time Management And Productivity Beast To Achieve Your Goals And Success

Increase Your Motivation To Stop Procrastinating And Change Habits To Achieve Your Goals And Create A Growth Mindset For Success. A Proven Personal Breakthrough Formula For Effectively Setting And Achieving Your Goals By Increasing Your Motivation.


Stop Dying, Start Living Now

Something To Say About Your Health And You Better Listen Now

If You Eat Processed Packaged So Called Foods, You Will Eat The Above Poisons Likely Everyday. The Outcome Was Truly Unbelievable, And The Honest Desire Is To Teach You How To Improve Your Life, Bringing It To A Higher Level Of Health, Happiness, An All Around New Image.


Subliminal Messaging Software

With This Program, You Have The Power To Do Whatever You Can Imagine Doing.

It promises to reprogram your mind and body automatically by presenting thousands of positive affirmations directly to your unconscious mind while you work or play at your computer. Here’s all you have to do to start programming your mind for success no matter what goals you want to reach.


Want To Be Successful?

No Brainer, Fast and Easy Methods You Can Apply for your Success.

This Will Teach You On What You’ll Do To Be Successful In Your Life. Live A Better Life That Most Of Us Dreamed Of. This Is A Very Modern Book Of Becoming Successful. This Is Concise, Small And Easy To Read.


Superior Self Help With Eft

Learn from the masters Stop fear and gain new success, respect and love.

Adventures In EFT will teach you simple techniques that are effective, long lasting and applicable everywhere. You can learn a basic EFT technique in just 5 minutes and you can instantly feel the difference. Having this e-book is like having an effective yet inexpensive personal healer or therapist.

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Syndbuddy Best Practices

Today, I wanted to send out some tips and tricks to not only help you rank fast but ensure you rank long-term.

The one downside to having a powerful syndication system like SyndBuddy is that it’s easy to abuse it and use it carelessly.

So I wanted to share with you a few things to think about when building links to your niche sites.

1. Are you submitting a new site?

The first thing to consider is the age of your site.

If you’re getting links/syndication to a brand new site, you want to make sure you increase your link building overtime and in a natural looking way.

SyndBuddy is already as natural as you can get with real users sharing each others content

However, we added an extra layer by adding the built-in automatic limits when adding a new campaign.

For example, if your site is brand new start off with building 5-10 links MAX in the first week and increase by 5-10 links per week thereafter.

And I recommend mixing these between social signals and social shares.

I’d also recommend submitting campaigns for your blog posts NOT just your root domain.

It looks more natural for users to be sharing your blog posts.

Most people don’t share just the root domain.

Make sense? 🙂 good!

2. Are you building links to an existing site?

If your site is 3+ months old and you’ve posted 1-2 posts per week, then you can be a little more aggressive, but don’t get carried away.

If you’re building links to an older site, you can start with 10-20 links and increase at a rate of 10-20 links per week.

3. Don’t build links to just ONE URL.

Also, while your building links, don’t send them all to the same URL.

That’s just not natural.

Make sure you’re mixing the links to several different URL’s.

This looks more natural and will have Google crawling multiple posts on your site.

With SyndBuddy’s social shares, you can add multiple URL’s to ONE campaign or create multiple campaigns.

The choice is yours 🙂

4. Mix up your anchor texts.

Another important thing is to ensure you’re mixing up your anchor text.

Anchor text is the words you use to link to your site.

That’s how Google is able to know what your content is about.

However, Google cracks down on people overusing the same anchor text for trying to rank faster.

So ensure that you’re not only using variations of your target keyword, but make sure you’re also using words like:

“click here”
“go here”
“visit the site here”

And several variations of terms like that so it all looks natural.

SyndBuddy also has the ability to insert as many anchor texts as you want.

That’s it for now 🙂

I hope these tips help you out.

Remember, you have a VERY powerful tool in your hands.

Now it’s time to use it correctly.

Bretts Circle Training [Review]

Today I’m reviewing Bretts Circle training.

Bretts Circle guarantees to reveal two techniques he uses to earn a 5-Figure income monthly.

Who Am I? Why should you read my review?

I’m an online marketer with 6 years of experience. I have learned from some of the best in the industry and am ready to share my knowledge with the world.

In this review, we are going to talk about Bretts Circle and I’m going to review 5 different sets of criteria based on my experience of using this product.

  • The Bretts Circle training
  • The website usability
  • The customer support
  • The overall process
  • The price

Although the sales page seems amazing, the desire to check it out was prodded by the thirteen testimonials from real customers who used the product. All these will help you come to a decision on whether to buy the product or not.


The Bretts Circle Training

Bretts Circle offers training videos created to assist you to succeed in Affiliate Marketing and Product Launching.

Affiliate Marketing is simply the promoting of products belonging to other people so as to earn a commission while Product Launching is developing, advertising, and selling your own product.

Let’s Take a Tour

When you enter the section for members, you’ll see a welcome message in which you are reminded to join the Facebook Group. The headings for product area are displayed at the top of the screen.

These areas include:

Core Concepts– This is the host location of the training. Core Concepts hosts the Sections on Affiliate Marketing and Product Launching.

In the [highlight]Affiliate Marketing Section[/highlight], we see Brett explaining:

  • The technique for writing a Product Review that is top-notch.
  • Many tips on how to write high ranking Google reviews that will attract traffic, and earn money.
  • This training section includes ten videos, all within a range of five to nineteen minutes. Covered in the video are areas like ‘How to Create Attention-Getting Written and Video reviews’, ‘How to Find Products to Promote’ and ‘How to Build a List of Paying Customers’.

In the[highlight] Product Launching Section[/highlight], Brett explains:

  • The steps to create and launch products that make money. Brett has a firm background in software. He’ll reveal tips that can’t be found anywhere else.
  • This training section also comprises ten videos, all between five to nineteen minutes each. Topics covered include ‘Where to Get Great Product Ideas’, ‘How to set your Selling Price’ and ‘How to Attract Affiliates to sell your products’.
  • This training product is well thought-out. It’s very easy to locate and view each video.

You will be taken through a step-by-step process from the beginning to the end by both sets of videos. Each of the videos goes straight into the content, which is exceptional. This course is not cluttered.

There’ll be need for you to take notes probably, even though the major points are displayed on the slides in the videos.

What they don’t want You to Know – You will discover two videos: Reasons People Fail and Five Myths in Internet Marketing. These videos will aid you to come to a decision on whether or not you’re cut out for online marketing and the prerequisites for succeeding in this industry.

Checklist/Review– You will make use of this list after you have viewed the Core Concepts Videos.

Ongoing Training– A video that talks about why ‘Giving away Your Products as a Bonus’ is a good tactic.

Facebook Group– A lifetime Facebook Group membership where questions can be asked and gotten quickly from Brett is included as part of the package. This Facebook group is exclusive to fellow buyers of Bretts Circle. You are allowed to ask as many questions as you wish whenever you want and he responds very quickly to your questions.

The website usability

It’s easy to navigate the Members Area. The training videos for both courses are saved in one location and labeled properly.

The video slides are easy to study. Its picture quality is top-notch. The audio is okay, barring some little feedback glitches. Brett speaks as if he is chatting with you directly.

Printable Checklist/Review Sheet- This comes in handy after viewing the videos. It’s really good to have it when you want to try out these methods yourself.

The Checklist/Review Sheet is very helpful but I’d love to have more written content. It would also be great to have printable versions of the video transcripts, video slides and written instructions. I kept on pressing the “Pause” and “Play” button in order to take down notes. The printed material would definitely shorten the time and energy spent taking notes.

The customer support- Brett personally replies your inquiries and offers technical support, even though I have Reseller Rights to market Bretts Circle. I contacted Brett recently through his support email about a technical problem and he fixed the glitch within eight minutes. You can find the support email address on the JV Zoo Receipt, right after the product access link.

The price

I took a decision to offer the best kind of bonus…Money! Bretts Circle is usually sold for $97. However, you won’t be paying anything close to that amount if you make use of the link on this page.

I am allowed to offer you Bretts Circle at a discounted rate because I have reseller rights!

My goal is to make Bretts Circle more accessible to everyone who wants to be successful in Affiliate Marketing or Product Launching.

And that’s why I’m lowering the price but for a limited time only. You can spend the savings on a bonus of your choice. Sounds Good?

Pros and Cons


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  • User-Friendly

  • Well Produced Videos

  • Facebook Group: Brett is easily reachable.

  • Customer Support: Brett personally replies your inquiries.



[unordered_list style=”red-x”]

  • Written Training Material is Not Sufficient



In Conclusion What is my view of Bretts Circle on the whole?

If all this is new to you and you’re not sure of where to start, I’ll advise you begin with Affiliate Marketing.

You can explore Product Launching much later when you have mastered and made some success with Affiliate Marketing.

They did a great job producing the video, in spite of the lack of written material, and the content is easily applicable.

In addition to having a Lifetime Access to Facebook Group that is very active and helpful, this training product is a solid investment.

Up-sells / OTO’s: None

Based on my discoveries and using the training for my own benefit, Brett’s Circle is:

Check their site out